Seward Halibut Fishing Brings the Sport Back to Sportfishing

Seward Alaska is being recognized more and more by discerning anglers for its fine halibut fishing.  Subtler currents in the area means that weights larger than 2-pounds are never needed, thus we can use light tackle and that means you fight the fish, not the tackle.  In Seward Alaska we can fish the entire tide cycle. More time to fish means more fishing fun.

World Record Sized Halibut Caught In Seward

Homer Alaska fishing charter companies also often talk about the size of the fish they catch, and rightfully so.  However, in Seward Alaska, the fish get just as big and are our average sized fish caught can be larger.  Our halibut have been known to top the scales at over 350 pounds!  Near world record sized Pacific Halibut have been caught in the waters of Seward Alaska, as well as dozens of light tackle records. At Crackerjack Sport Fishing we offer trips that rival Homer Alaska halibut fishing charters and are proud to back up our claims.

We think you’ll have more fun fishing with us in Seward Alaska.  Find out what other fishermen have already learned and enjoy your Alaska fishing charter for halibut and many other trophy class fish here in Seward Alaska.