The Crackerjack Voyager has proven to be the ideal combination of speed and size to get research projects done in the waters of the North Gulf Coast, Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords National Park. Your crew not only has years of experience using this vessel for marine research but also as a Captain and chief mate of government  oceanographic research vessels in Alaska and beyond.  With that experience we are familiar with the need to complete projects on time and on budget. Always ready, 12 months a year.

The Boat:

Voyager Towing a Current Buster - Oil Spill Training

Crackerjack Voyager is 46 feet overall. She has a normal cruising speed of 22 knots but is capable of sustained speed of 27 knots.  Powered with twin EPA tier II compliant Cummins engines, expect a smoke and fume free work environment. She is equipped with both 120 Volt power from our 6.5 Kw generator and over 3000 Watts of clean inverter power as well.  Inside the Voyager, you will find a warm comfortable cabin, with three heat sources, two 4’ x4’ dinettes, a full galley, a shower with hot water and clean, spacious, sleeping accommodations for up to 6 scientists.

The vessel has two inflatable skiffs. 1 larger skiff for beach landings and one RIB for longer range transport.  The huge, reinforced back deck can support up to 2000 pounds of cargo and below deck storage holds easily 2 tons. There is a small live well on deck capable of keeping up to a dozen salmon or three dozen herring alive indefinitely. We also have both 12VDC and 120VAC power supplies conveniently located on deck.

Voyager at work during Oil Spill Training

Voyager at work during Oil Spill Training

On the bridge you will find the latest Simrad NSO navigation center. This 19” screen displays a combination of navionics bathometric navigational charts, as well as broadband sonar imagines with “Chirp” technology reading the bottom at 22 knots and 800 feet is possible. This unit is also equipped with a side scanning sonar element which makes target definition reliable to 50m in all directions. In addition she is equipped with a Simrad CM 60 bottom mapping computer, which creates real-time bathymetric imagines and this data can be logged and saved to a portable hard drive.  We also have a full suite of communications equipment, VHF radios, Single Side Band, cell phone booster and a satellite phone. The vessel is inspected to operate up to 100 miles offshore and has a SOLAS raft certified for up to 25 passengers, EPRIB, Broadband Surface Radar, AIS and a full entertainment system. There are very few vessels of this class that are equipped with this level of state of the art electronics.

Our clients include:

  • Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • US Department of Defense
  • Alyseka Pipeline Service Corporation
  • University of Alaska, Fairbanks
  • British Broadcast Corporation
  • Evergreen Films
  • University of Washington Applied Physics lab
  • Alaska Sealife Center
  • NOFI Tromso ASI of Norway