Alaska Halibut Fishing

It’s the experience many anglers dream of when planning their Alaska vacation, fishing for the largest flatfish in the world, the Pacific halibut.  Our Alaska halibut fishing charters in Seward offer arguably the finest halibut fishing in the state.  We limit out on these fishing charters on almost every single trip.

Seward Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing off the coast of Seward is recognized as some of the most reliable and consistent in Alaska.  Most halibut caught by sport fishermen on Alaska halibut fishing charters average less than 20  pounds.  Our halibut catch rates defy this statistic.  Our halibut fishing charters commonly see fish top the 80-100 pound mark with the occasional halibut crushing the scales at 200 pounds or more. We encourage the release of these breeding fish to ensure our halibut fishing in Alaska is as good tomorrow as it is today. Everyday we strive to put our guests on the best quality halibut we possibly can. This usually means retaining fish over 25 pounds with a health mixture of larger halibut. Your best bet for catching larger halibut is to put your time in and to be patient.

Year Round Alaska Halibut Fishing

Halibut fishing is good year-round and reaches its peak during the spring and summer.  Our halibut fishing charters run from May through September.  Alaska halibut are some of the finest eating fish in northern waters, and our Alaskan charter captains will ensure that your halibut is cleaned and shipped with the utmost care, ensuring the firm; white halibut flesh retains its flavor from Alaska to your dining room.

Sport Fishing at its Finest

Anyone who has ever said that fighting halibut is like pulling up a barn door has obviously never tangled with this powerful Alaska game fish.  Alaska halibut fishing is unlike any other fishing.  We provide quality, modern gear for our Alaska halibut fishing charters ensuring you the fight of lifetime.  When you feel the bite, hold on tight.

Plan your Alaska halibut charter with Crackerjack Sportfishing and find out why we have the fishing reputation we do. We try hard every day to make your fishing day as fun and as successful as possible