We would be happy to assist you in finding any of the following items:

  • Food and drinks for the day – no hard alcohol
  • Camera
  • Rain gear – even if it looks like clear weather, bring it along
  • Sunscreen
  • Motion sickness medicine – take as directed, better safe than sorry
  • Fishing license
  • Good luck
  • Light tackle or fly rods, if you wish

We supply these items:

  • Fast, safe, late model sport fishing boats
  • Friendly, experienced Captains
  • Top quality fishing tackle:
    • For halibut:  30 – 50 pound stand up gear with 65 – 80 pound super braid line
    • For salmon:  8 – 15 pound mooching rods with 15 – 20 pound mono
  • All bait and lures
  • Fish cleaning
  • All instruction necessary to catch fish.
  • Vacuum sealing freezing and shipping available. Please see our link page to contact these quality businesses.

Alaska law requires deep sea fisherman to have a license. Click here if you want to purchase a fishing license online.