Captain Andy Mezirow of Crackjack Charters was selected by Saltwater Sportsman as one of the TOP 50 Charter Captains worldwide.

From Saltwater Sportsman

Choosing 50 top captains from among the thousands of excellent saltwater charter professionals who ply their trade throughout the world every day is difficult. So how did we come up with criteria for choosing? Several qualities resonated with our panel, things like longevity in the business. You’ll see many on this list who’ve remained at the top of the game for many years, in terms of competitive success in tournaments and everyday charter success. Diversity helps too: those who have demonstrated talent for catching different species in different circumstances, who show the ability to adapt as conditions dictate. A commitment to conservation also was key. Many of our captains figured out long ago that without wise management, our sport goes away. And finally, showmanship has a part. If you’re not entertained on a charter, you likely won’t come back. That’s how we chose our Top 50 Charter Captains, and we hope you enjoy the list. Please note the captains are listed alphabetically: No. 1 is not “better” than No. 50. They are all great in our estimation!