We are working with the premier adventure lodge in Prince William Sound to offer very unique Alaska fishing lodge packages.

Liz and JohnFeaturing fishing Alaska’s Lost Coast from Kayak Island, Wessels Reef, Middleton and Montague Islands as well as the entrances of Prince William Sound.

These areas are the most productive fishing grounds we have found anywhere in Alaska. Expect to catch Halibut, Lingcod, Salmon and Salmon Sharks. The location of the lodge relative to these areas makes it possible to reach relatively un-fished waters either on an extended day trip or by spending one night on the boat and returning back to the comfort of a fishing lodge on the second evening. The rates for this trip are competitive with most fishing lodges in Alaska and we offer the advantage of fishing from a much bigger, faster boat capable of getting out to fishing grounds that are impossible for smaller lodge boats to get to. You won’t believe the fishing until you experience it. Use our deluxe fishing tackle or bring your own light tackle or fly fishing gear; the choice is yours.

Halibut, Salmon, Lingcod & Salmon Shark Fishing from the Comfort of Alaska Fishing Lodges

The lodge offers some other unique fishing and incredible outdoor adventure opportunities as well. Including river fishing on un-crowded waters for salmon and trout, Fly-out fishing and camping trips to areas that seldom see any fishing pressure, hiking trails, kayaking, and unspoiled wildlife viewing. If you are looking to combine world-class long range fishing with a complete Alaskan wilderness trip, this is the only way to do it! We can accommodate up to 12 people fishing, and the lodge can take more if they are not saltwater fishing on our boat.

If you are serious about fishing and want to increase your chances for the fishing trip of a lifetime, this is the trip for you.

We can make arrangements for your group of up to 12 to stay at the lodge, which provides all meals for you and offers a hot shower, warm bed and bon fire. Staying at the lodge allows us to extend these adventures for as many days as you wish. We can even split the trip between the two Alaska fishing lodges, which are located 100 miles apart. These trips will give you the best chance to see the finest saltwater fishing Alaska has to offer!

For more information and rates on this trip, please contact us by phone or email.