Because we spend half our year exploring the pristine waters around Seward, we can take you to some truly unexplored and pristine areas with unparalleled ecological diversity.

898v9428We visit some areas that are so far off the beaten path that we may well be the only humans to explore them in any given year.

As the days get longer in the summer the level of productivity increased and the waters of the Kenai Fjords National Park and Prince William Sound become an emerald green biological soup. Rich in plankton that feeds a tiny shrimp called a Euphosid. These tiny shrimp or krill are the base of the food chain that in turn supports the lives of millions of herring, capelin and sand lance. Small fish that serve as forage for an incredibly diverse  sea bird population as well as the meal of choice for a number of other fish like rockfish, lingcod and halibut as well we one of largest runs of salmon in the world. Salmon in turn are the meal of choice from most of the pods of Orca or Killer Whales and Salmon sharks that frequent our waters.  Krill is the food of choice for gray and humpback whales as well. So with long days and an ocean filled with food…Well the wildlife show is simply as amazing and dramatic as you can imagine.

Ready to go, we are ready to take you and your small group on a journey into Prince William Sound or the Kenai Fjords National Park for several day. Our vessel serves as your floating wilderness lodge. She is equipped with plenty of hot and cold running water, a full restroom and shower. Expect some great meals consisting of fresh seafood and Alaskan specialties. With sleeping accommodations for up to 6, it is the perfect platform for a family wilderness expedition. Besides the comfortable cabin, the vessel is outfitted with the most advanced marine electronics and safety equipment. Two inflatable zodiacs for beach landings, and several  kayaks. When we take your group ashore, each guest will be given a personal survival kit. These kits contain GPS, Vhf radios, flares, fire starter, bear spray, extra clothing and a spare rain poncho. While we will accompany you on any shore excursion, we like to make sure everyone feels very safe venturing in to the wilderness.

Spring Skiing

spring-skiing-12We also offer a spring skiing trip that allows ski mountaineers a shot at bagging some remote mountain peaks and getting to cut some virgin tracks back down. If you have a group interested in this kind of trip, please call us so we can make sure this trip is right for you. Prior mountaineering experience / remote snowboarding / telemark experience is required.

You friendly and courteous crew will be able to help you make the trip everything you thought it would be. They are all long lime Alaskans, and all have a unique specialty, marine biologist, kayak and snowboarding guide, forest ecology student and extreme skier. Give us a call and we can talk to you about making a trip in the remote wilderness everything  you dreamed it would be.