Coho Salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch

For many anglers, the silver salmon represents the main reason why fishing Seward is well worth their time. The reputation for silver salmon fishing is legendary in Resurrection Bay and the surrounding waters. During the peak of the run, salmon can be seen jumping everywhere. Fishing for silvers from Seward is a great introduction to Alaska salmon fishing.

These fish are great fighters and leapers and are tremendous eating. The words silver salmon and Seward are almost synonymous, and the Silver Salmon Derby, the largest fishing derby in Alaska, takes place here. Numerous cash prizes are offered for tagged and heaviest fish caught, and as such visitors are always advised to purchase their tickets before heading out for the day of fishing. Because the Silvers are a schooling salmon, there are often king salmon, pink salmon and rockfish mixed in the schools. One just never knows what might wind up on the end of the line.


In the ocean, this fish is absolutely silver bright and is distinguished by black spots on the back and upper tail. It has gray gums. Silvers can frequently be spotted above the water as they will frequently jump, and our electronic fish-finders also can spot them below water as they sometimes are located in massive schools.

Weights of these fish can vary due to their migrations. They are voracious feeders and can be caught in ranges between 10 and 15 pounds. Even fish over 20 lbs are occasionally caught.


Silvers will migrate into Resurrection Bay and the surrounding areas and then continue right on into the harbor.

Even shore anglers can catch them once they hit the beaches but for most of the time they are taken only by charter opportunity. Silvers need to be sought-out dependent upon the time of the year and tides, and our experience will bring you to them throughout their entire migrations into the bay.


Silvers make their appearances around mid-June and continue right into the early fall. Our derby traditionally takes place during the second week of August. While they are smaller in late June, they are in high abundance from the third week for June right up until Labor Day. Trust us, if they re around, we will find them!


Silvers at sea are usually caught either trolling with downriggers or when they are schooled up tight, by drifting with a small lead crescent weight and a sharp hook baited with cut plug or strip herring bait. The technique is called mooching. Anytime a charter comes into a great school of these fish the angling can be fantastic. Just about everyone will seemingly have a fish on at the same time and moments like that become a frenzy of catching and keeping. The limit on silver salmon is 3 fish per fishermen when fishing outside Resurrection Bay or six per fishermen when fishing inside the Bay. The quality of eating sea-bright silver salmon is beyond compare. This fish is very popular and tasty.

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