We are very excited about the new look for the Crackerjack Charters website. We went back to the folks at Boldwater, as their work ethic and understanding of the fishing business is the best. You will find several new sections in the site and the most exciting part that we now have the ability to post weekly fishing reports, photos and videos ourselves. So look for some great new current reports and videos on our you tube channel.

Welcome aboard!!

Andy Mezirow

  1. Very nice!

  2. Great new website. Look forward to booking a couple of fishing trips with you very soon.

  3. very nice website! one of the best charter websites, and i have looked at a lot doing research! full of information and easy navigate.

  4. You guys seem to know how to do it. My brother jason and I are looking to book a trip from Minneapolis and would like to do some real ‘meat’ fishing. Perhaps this summer, but for sure next year we want to do it.

    We would like to bring back as much Halibut and Salmon as possible. We are thinking around 6-7 days of fishing.
    If you were me, how would you approach this and how would the logistics work?


  5. Dem thats a big fish! I got to go fishing in alaska